“CES is dedicated to the success of their contracts and provides excellent customer service. Open lines of communications are always maintained with all project stakeholders. I am highly satisfied and would recommend them to other Government agencies. They have been a pleasure to work with and are very knowledgeable in their field.”

COR/Project Manager

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (Alaska)

“The Contractor has operated the soil vapor extraction system for two years. The system had been mothballed for a number of years prior to start-up. The Contractor brought the system back up to speed, ensuring conduit was tight and placed correctly in the soil for thorough ventilation. The contractor removed the old cover and installed a new cover in a manner that operated better than any cover before, preventing rainwater infiltration, and thereby guaranteeing better results than in the past. The project manager has been proactive in making this project a success. His knowledge of the installation, base clearance procedures, and rapport with local Regulators really gave him a head start to success. Although the soil has not reached cleanup levels, there is a demonstrated downward trend. Rather than decommissioning the system, we are so close to acceptable standards that we are attempting to modify the contract to prevent the removal of the system. We believe another year of operation with the Contractor’s work plan would complete treatment of the soil, saving the Air Force thousands of dollars in disposal costs. The work plan demonstrated a thorough knowledge of understanding and requirements of both federal and state regulations. The Contractor resolved all Regulator comments and executed the work plan to Regulators’ satisfaction.”

COR/Project Manager

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (Alaska)

“CES has brought an innovative and motivated remediation strategy for this project. Data/reports are timely, accurate and complete. The work exceeds commonly accepted technical/professional standards. Little or no technical direction from the government has been needed to solve problems. CES has complied with all contract clause requirements. CES maintains an excellent relationship with State & Government regulators and maintains open communication lines with them for every phase of the project.”

Restoration Branch Chief

Defense Logistics Agency-Energy (Virginia)

“CES has been very attentive to any issues or requests. They are very reliable and work hard for their contracts. CES provides excellent customer service. All contracts & requirements are met at/ahead of schedule. The technical knowledge far exceeds that of the previously assigned contractor. CES has met multiple deadlines on large projects which required work at the same time such as the rewrite of the 5 Year FRP. Proposals are consistently priced under the Independent Government Estimate with the quality of work bypassing what is expected of the work.”

Project Manager

Defense Logistics Agency-Energy (Virginia)

“CES has been pivotal in helping DLA refocus and intensify its remediation strategies in Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and Norfolk, VA.  I recommend them without hesitation for additional government work.”

Restoration Branch Chief

Defense Logistics Agency-Energy (Virginia)

“CES has previously completed environmental remediation services for the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority (Authority) in support of ongoing redevelopment efforts in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia. Recent services include the remediation of petroleum contaminated soils within the Authority’s federally funded HOPE VI-Jeffry Wilson Revitalization Project Area to support future residential development opportunities. The work was successfully completed on schedule and within budget parameters. CES proved to be extremely knowledgeable in the field and was able to address unforeseen conditions quickly while minimizing impact to the project. The Authority was very satisfied with CES’ performance. I look forward to working with CES on future projects should the opportunity arise. I would fully recommend their expertise to others.”

Director of Development

Portsmouth Redevelopment & Housing Authority (Virginia)

“CTC Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) has been fortunate to have Crawford Environmental Services as a partner for over 3 years. [They] have recently provided valuable support on two of our projects, where our project manager and, more importantly, our clients have been very satisfied with their performance. Their quality of work and technical abilities are excellent, and I continue to be impressed with their dedication and level of service. I am confident recommending Crawford Environmental Services to any client requiring their services.”


CTC Public Benefit Corporation (South Carolina)

“Both program management and project management (i.e., field management) was excellent during the implementation of the work. CES willingly and actively participated in the project kick off call and both program manager and project manager was very responsive during the duration of the work. CES field crew required little direction from the client in the field. They understood the design specifications and worked efficiently and were motivated to complete the work.”

Program Manager

ARCADIS (New Jersey)

“CES provided remediation system installation services at an active bulk fuel terminal in Charleston SC.  The site conditions were challenging including high temperatures and required FRC clothing. The CES staff was courteous and understanding of the various layers of health and safety protocol that were required as the site had multiple client requirements. Your CES Project Team used precautions to ensure that their staff, as well as Arcadis’ staff, worked together safely.  CES’ input regarding potential cost savings and suggestions on constructability as well as the willingness of your staff to stop work and discuss the implementations of the changes, allowed the project to be competed to the satisfaction of Arcadis and our Clients.  We appreciate CES’ efforts and your Project Manager, Dan Fisher, provided hard work and flexibility throughout the project.  I would recommend Crawford Environmental Services for any remediation needs.”

Program Manager

ARCADIS (South Carolina)

“CES has recently completed environmental remediation work for AECOM at Shaw AFB, South Carolina.  I worked closely with CES management staff over the last 18 months on the construction work they performed for AECOM.  This work included installing about 5 miles of pipelines for expansion of a groundwater hydraulic containment system, constructing a new treatment plant, and installing about 25 miles of conduit for multiple ozone injection systems. CES demonstrated outstanding performance throughout the project as evidenced by the following:  

QUALITY:  They exhibited high standards of workmanship and conformed to the contract requirements

SCHEDULE: They met challenging schedule requirements during completion of multiple orders

COST CONTROL: They effectively forecast, managed and controlled cost on multiple firm-fixed-price work orders

MANAGEMENT OF KEY PERSONNEL: They provided qualified key personnel for the project

SELF-PERFORMANCE: They completed a majority of the work in-house and at high quality.

FUTURE WORK:  We have and will use CES for future contracts and have recommended their services to others”

Vice President

AECOM (Nebraska)