Site Assessment

Environmental site assessments provide critical information that is integrated into our customer’s real-estate decision making processes. Our services have included packages involving thousands of properties dispersed nationwide covering a variety of potential multi-media impacts. We assessment and mitigate environmental liabilities for Fortune 500 companies, lending institutions, developers, investors, legal professionals, and insurance companies. Our capabilities include:

  • ASTM Compliant Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Preliminary Assessments and Investigations
  • Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold and Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Underground Storage Tank Program Requirements
  • Soil, Sediment, Groundwater and Surface Water Quality Sampling and Analyses
    • Brownfields Investigations
    • Remedial Feasibility Studies, Cost Estimates and Execution
    • Hydrogeological Modeling and Geosciences
    • Building Condition Assessments
    • Contamination Screening Evaluations
    • Reimbursement Application
    • Agency No Further Action decision process compliance

    Site Characterization & Investigations

    Our investigatory capabilities enable us to define transport pathways, determine the extents of affected media, and select effective approaches for site conditions. We employ proven sampling techniques to effectively capture data and build a comprehensive depiction of site conditions. This includes sophisticated imagery, modeling and mapping tools to accurately present the hydrogeology, determine the preferential pathways, produce conceptual site models and develop environmental strategies.

    Some specific areas of expertise include:

    • Data Quality Objectives Development
    • Forensic Studies and Litigation Support
    • Remote Sensing and Interpretation
    • Monitoring Network Design, Installation, & Optimization
    • Vapor Sampling (Soil Gas, Sub-Slab, & Indoor Air)
    • Hydrogeologic Investigations & Groundwater Modeling


    • Multi-Media Sampling (Soil, Sediment, Surface Water, & Groundwater)
    • Conceptual Site Model Development
    • Vapor Intrusion Investigations and Modeling
    • Data Validation, Management and Reporting
    • Statistical Analysis
    • OIP, LIF, HPT, and MIP Techniques



    CES is a self-performing remedial contractor that leverages experience with an array of technologies, risk assessment expertise, and understanding of site conditions to achieve performance objectives. Our inhouse capabilities include development and fabrication of remediation technologies and implementation approaches, placing us at the forefront of the remedial industry.

    The systems we design, implement and maintain often address challenges posed by complex hydrogeology conditions, emerging contaminants, and comingled plumes.  The following lists some of CES’ specialized remedial capabilities:

    • Decommissioning and decontamination
    • Remedial System Design, Installation, O&M and optimization
    • ORC, PBR and PBC Contracting
    • Stabilization
    • Risk Based Corrective Actions
    • Removal Actions
    • Ecosystem Restoration
    • Landfill Capping

    Engineering & Compliance

    CES offers multidisciplinary expertise to provide comprehensive planning, design and compliance services. Our project delivery teams are composed of a blend of engineers, scientists, construction managers, and specialists for multi-model logistics, modeling, CAD/GIS, safety, and permitting. We have the resources and experience to complete complex, multi-faceted projects in support of industrial, commercial and government client requirements. From the early stages of project development, our technical teams build consensus with the project stakeholders regarding the technical approach to ensure that design and technical plans reflect the client and regulatory requirements.

    Our specialists are familiar with the local, state and Federal environmental regulations in more than 30 states as well as many US Territories. Through our Federal programs, we also have direct experience with government guidance documents and requirements.

    Our modelling and GIS/CAD professionals support our design and technical analysis by applying industry leading software to present information. This includes activities such as fate and transport modelling, subsurface conditions and geomorphology mapping, and development of 3D depictions of the project plans.

    Permitting specialist work with both government and private sector clients to address multi-media requirements. Our portfolio excludes right-of-way, transportation, stormwater, air, and other permit requirements.
    Our technical disciplines integrate seamlessly to delivery cost effective and schedule driven solutions that support our clients’ objectives.

    Emergency & Contingency Response

    CES offers end-to-end spill, hazard and contingency response solutions provided by response experts who are unyielding in their commitment to safety. Our teams are highly trained and prepositioned to respond and manage spills or incidents involving compressed gasses, toxic chemicals, organics, and biologics. They are equipped with response equipment that is strategically positioned for deployment throughout the Continental US and Alaska. Our capabilities are enhanced by an emergency response network to facilitate rapid and time critical response actions.

    Operation & Maintenance

    An effective Remedial Process/System Optimization program requires a flexible multi-faceted project team with a deep understanding. Through our work at numerous military installations, we have first-hand knowledge and experience in each facet of the remedial process including remedial investigation, remedial design, remedial construction, remedial operations, and, most importantly, site closure. We understand and have experience with the regulatory aspects of Remedial Process Optimization and have applied AFCEC’s Optimize Remediation Contract PMP Guidance.

    Throughout each stage of the remedial process we routinely apply remedial optimization concepts to reduce uncertainty and maintain a clear exit strategy, thereby, reducing both the cost and time to meet remedial performance goals close a site. Experienced project teams work hand in hand with our customers and other stakeholders to complete the Remedial Process Optimization elements:

    • Data Quality Objectives Development
    • Assessing Existing Exit Strategy
    • Evaluating Remedy Performance
    • Assessing the Remedy Cost-Efficiency


    • Optimization Concept Development
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis
    • Optimization Plan Development, Implementation and Tracking

    Stormwater Asset Management

    Stormwater Asset Management is essential to improving water quality by reducing polluted
    stormwater runoff into local water bodies. Increasing environmental awareness and land
    development has required stormwater management solutions and maintenance to evolve
    significantly in recent years. Individual property owners are responsible for maintaining their
    stormwater management systems in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. CES
    provides a multitude of stormwater management solutions to help clients stay within
    compliance with ever changing regulations, such as:
    • BMP/SCM Inspection & Maintenance
    • Discharge Permitting & Sampling
    • Underground Treatment Inspection & Maintenance
    • Innovative Cost Saving Approaches To Achieve Compliance
    • Structure Repair/Replacement; Such As Headwalls, Curb/Drop Inlets, & Outlets
    • Certified Stormwater Inspectors
    • Certified BMP Maintenance Provider