Key Personnel

Charlie Crawford

Charlie Crawford

President, CEO – Cashiers, NC

Charlie Crawford is a senior level consultant with 30 years of technical experience with environmental consulting, restoration, and compliance. Mr. Crawford has 30+ years of successful program management of DoD and/or Environmental Remediation Programs spanning the investigative and remedial action spectrum as well as the contractual application of programs and projects. He has managed cost reimbursable, time and materials, performance-based and firm fixed price IDIQ remediation contracts valued between $1M and $240M. Mr. Crawford’s background includes extensive assessment and remediation experience including RA-C, RA-O, HTRW, LTM, LTRA, design-build construction, demolition and decommissioning, emergency response, Phase I/II due diligence, UST/AST compliance and management, pollution prevention, optimization initiatives, and stakeholder management. Regulatory experience includes CERCLA, SEPA, CWA, RCRA, Endangered Species Act, USACE Permitting, TSCA, NEPA, Cluster Rule and EPCRA. Mr. Crawford has in-depth experience with DFAR and AFAR contractor requirements and DCAA compliant cost accounting systems.

Daniel Fisher, PMP

Daniel Fisher, PMP

Corporate Operations Manager, Principal – Roanoke, VA

Daniel Fisher has over 18 years of relevant experience with site investigation and remediation projects at various types of sites. Considerable experience in the design, installation and operation of various remedial technologies to mitigate contamination of soil and/or groundwater. He has designed and implemented corrective actions at 200+ sites with soil and/or groundwater contamination including RCRAdesignated facilities. Mr. Fisher has been directly involved with hundreds of Phase I/II environmental assessments. Specific areas of expertise include emergency response protocol, regulatory and stakeholder negotiation, management systems, complex multi-source assessments & investigations, environmental needs assessment and turnkey remediation portfolio management. Regulatory experience includes CERCLA, SEPA, CWA, RCRA, USACE Permitting, TSCA, NEPA, Cluster Rule and EPCRA. 

David Cox, P.G.

David Cox, P.G.

Federal Programs Director – Denver, CO

Mr. Cox has 20 years of experience in environmental consulting and management.  Mr. Cox’s background includes extensive environmental assessment and remediation experience, including CSM development, hydrogeological tests, subcontractor coordination, and client communication.  Mr. Cox has performed multiple characterization and remediation projects at sites contaminated with metals, chlorinated solvents, petroleum compounds, light and dense non-aqueous phase liquids, PCBs, pesticides, chemical agents, and metals. Mr. Cox has directed and managed environmental investigations at numerous Air Force and other DoD facilities including large performance-based remediation projects.

Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner

Sr. Program Manager – Roanoke, VA

Robert Wagner has over 25 years of experience in environmental and construction services. Mr. Wagner is 
a Licensed Remediation Specialist (LRS) and has been involved in 1,000+ environmental and 
remediation construction projects. Mr. Wagner has completed environmental projects in over 23 states 
creating extensive relationships with local and regional regulators and subcontractors. Mr. Wagner has 
managed emergency response contracts for state and national clients, responding to natural disasters, 
tanker rollovers, and hazardous waste spills. Mr. Wagner has performed hundreds of Phase I/II 
environmental assessments and has designed, installed, and operated site remediation projects from cradle 
to grave. Mr. Wagner has also completed numerous stormwater inspections and stormwater system repairs 
for clients nationwide, along with qualifying event sampling. Mr. Wagner has extensive knowledge of 
NPDES permitting, stormwater rules and regulations, UST/AST Compliance, as well as CERCLA, 
RCRA, and VRP processesAdditional experience includes preparation and implementation of SWPPPs, 
SPCCs, PCB PMPs, Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans, and Material Management and Groundwater 
Monitoring Plans for RCRA sites. 
Adam Flora

Adam Flora

Senior Project Manager – Roanoke, VA

Adam Flora is a Senior Project Manager with over 22 years of technical environmental 
consulting experience in compliance monitoring, site investigation, and remediation. Mr. Flora 
performs, directs, and manages projects related to environmental and human health impacts 
involving contaminated soil and/or groundwater. He has considerable experience in remedial 
investigation/feasibility studies, aquifer characterization studies including slug and pump testing, 
and complex hydrogeologic and geologic interpretations involving Karst terrain. He has 
designed, installed, and implemented numerous remedial technologies to mitigate risk associated 
with petroleum contamination at sites across the United States. Mr. Flora also has significant 
experience with Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments, Oil Discharge Contingency Plans, 
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, 
and NPDES individual and general permits. Regulatory experience includes UST, AST, CWA, 
James Coleman

James Coleman

Jr. Project Manager – Richmond, VA

James Coleman is an environmental scientist with five years of technical experience with environmental consulting, restoration, and compliance. Mr. Coleman has 7+ years of managing environmental investigations throughout several states. Mr. Coleman oversees the day to day operation and scheduling of fieldwork for hundreds of sites across the United States. Mr. Coleman’s background includes remediation installation, emergency response, release investigation, corrective action and Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments.

Rachel Raines

Rachel Raines

Jr. Project Manager – Roanoke VA

Rachel Raines is a Virginia Certified Professional Geologist with 10+ years of experience. Ms. Raines has worked on projects for hundreds of contaminated sites preparing environmental reports, including the preparation of maps utilizing AutoCAD, and interpretation of groundwater, soil, and vapor data. Field experience includes groundwater sampling, logging and collection soil samples, overseeing groundwater monitoring well installation.

Jody Dillon

Jody Dillon

Program Manager – Anchorage, AK

Jody Dillon has over 20 years of environmental and construction experience working on 
compliance, emergency response, investigation and remediation projects for private, local, state 
and federal clients.  Management experience includes, 18 years managing complex and 
logistically challenging environmental investigations, remedial actions, remediation system 
designs and installations, and waste transportation and disposal/recycling for remote projects 
throughout Alaska.  Technical experience includes risk management, regulatory compliance, 
quality control, multi-media investigations/remediationsemergency response ICS training, 
health and safety planning, budget management, data management, regulator and stakeholder 
negotiations, and logistics. Extensive knowledge in USEPA RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, and 
ADEC regulatory compliance. 
Blake Forbess

Blake Forbess

Sr. Scientist / Project Manager - Eugene, Oregon

Blake Forbess is a EPA/AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector, 
Contractor/Supervisor, Project Designer, and Management Planner with over eight years 
of experience. Mr. Forbess is a Certified Site Surveillance Technician and Certified Lead 
Sampling Technician in California.  
Mr. Forbess has extensive experience and knowledge conducting microbial 
investigations, consulting services, and asbestos/lead surveys in CONUS and OCONUS 
locations for the Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Marines. 
Evan Everson

Evan Everson

Project Manager

Evan Everson is an Environmental Professional with 6+ years of technical experience with environmental 
consulting, remediation, stormwater management, and compliance. Mr. Everson has experience in 
managing environmental investigations and construction projects throughout the continental United 
States. Mr. Everson is certified stormwater and erosion control inspector in numerous states and has 
used those credentials to help clients conform to state and local regulations. Mr. Everson’s background 
includes remediation installation, stormwater management and maintenance, emergency response, 
release investigation, corrective action, SWPPP and SPCC development, and Phase I/II Environmental Site 
Carol Goss

Carol Goss

Senior Environmental Specialist

Carol Goss has over 29 years of Project Management experience ranging from Phase I/II ESAs to 
compliance reviews & EHS audits and managing LUST sites. Ms. Goss performed over a thousand Phase I 
ESAs on properties ranging from undeveloped to complex industrial facilities and completed numerous 
Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAs). Ms. Goss has developed numerous compliance plans 
including SPCCs, SWPPs, OPA-90, RCRA Hazardous Materials, and Due Care Plans for facilities across the 
US. Ms. Goss has conducted numerous LUST Site Assessments and Closures and a variety of site-specific 
investigations including geotechnical analyses, hydrogeological investigations, and drinking water quality 
investigations. Ms. Goss’ experience with Michigan Part 201 & 213 project sites includes contaminant 
delineation, and groundwater monitoring & modeling.