DLA – Energy:  $2.5M Environmental Assessment and Remediation Contract at Eielson Air Force Base – Alaska

Task orders completed at Eielson AFB and the off-site Moose Creek Pipeline Release Site include the following:

  • Groundwater monitoring of three Sites located at Eielson AFB in addition to the Moose Creek Pipeline Release Site.
  • Sampling and chemical testing of soil/groundwater
  • Biosparge feasibility/pilot testing
  • Technical reporting and analytical testing per ADEC 18 AAC 75 Oil and Other Hazardous Substances Pollution Control and DoD ELAP
  • Decision Document updates and preparation
  • Hosting of semi-annual Stakeholder Meetings
  • Design, installation and operation of a 20-well Soil Vapor Extraction System; operates during periods of low groundwater to target smear zone contamination