$2.5M Environmental Assessment and remediation Contract – DFSP Whittier, Alaska

CES is conducting assessment and remediation activities at multiple AOCs at Eielson AFB and Former DFSP Whittier. Services performed at Former DFSP Whittier to address releases from tanks, pipelines, fuel handling and equipment failures have included:

  • Installation and sampling of GW monitoring wells / soil borings, short and long-term monitoring programs
  • Technical reporting and analytical testing per ADEC 18 AAC 75 Oil and Other Hazardous Substances Pollution Control and DoD ELAP
  • Design, installation and operation of a 24-well positive pressure Biovent System; operates during periods of low groundwater to target smear zone contamination


  • Decision Document updates and preparation
  • Conceptual site model preparation/updates
  • Sensitive receptor surveys and comprehensive site reconnaissance
  • Multiple-phase source area investigations and comprehensive site assessments
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Sampling and chemical testing of soil/groundwater