$3.8M DLA Assessment and Remediation Contract – DFSP Charleston, South Carolina

CES provides environ­mental services at the DFSP Charleston for JP-8 that is piped to the facilities. CES is conducting comprehensive site/ source investigations, sampling and analysis of soil/ groundwater, soil gas, waste profiling, T&D of containerized waste, data management, fate and transport evaluation, georeferencing, CSM assessment and updates, receptor surveys/site reconnaissance, historical document review, and system repairs, upgrades and improvements associated with pollution prevention work and system optimization initiatives. Task orders completed at DFSP Charleston include the following:

  • Optimization and RA-O of one groundwater pump and treat and three Soil Vapor Extraction remediation systems
  • System optimization initiatives
  • Implementation of a surfactant enhanced bioremediation injection program to address three AOCs
  • NPDES and UIC Permit Compliance
  • Implementation of source area investigations to further identify and delineate on- and off-site contamination
  • Short- and long-term groundwater monitoring to evaluate monitored natural attenuation and remedy performance
  • Conceptual site model preparation/updates