$3.5M DLA Environmental Assessment and Remediation Contract – DFSP Craney Island and DFSP Yorktown, Virginia

CES is providing environmental services at the largest Naval Defense Fuel Supply Point (Craney Island) in the US as well as DFSP Yorktown. The Craney Island installation possesses over 1,100 acres of above and below ground fuel storage tanks, fuel pump stations, pier-side fuel facilities, and associated piping. CES is responsible for managing all regulatory reporting and compliance responsibilities on behalf of the DLA-Energy at both locations to include:

  • Soil and groundwater investigation and modeling
  • System optimization initiatives
  • Design and install an in-situ surfactant enhanced soil flushing, bioremediation program
  • Biological injections to remediation groundwater or source material 
    • RA-O and installation of a dual-phase extraction system for groundwater treatment
    • LTM of remedial systems
    • Engineering support and permitting
    • Hydrological, sediment and soil studies
    • Regulatory and stakeholder management